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The Place to Hang Out in Yogyakarta Terhits 2016

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Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta is one fairly large city and famous throughout Indonesia. As the only special city, Yogyakarta is also often called a student city because there are many places students studying while studying. Since the number of students and young people who drop out of the small towns to the Jogja, thus making the city into a thriving city after city.

Many interesting sights and culture that remains deeply embedded in society makes Yogyakarta city into a tourist destination for foreign tourists. So that makes a meal is always visited by culinary hunters of all ages.

So many teenagers in the city of Yogyakarta makes hangout in this town has mushroomed. However if you wish to visit or travel to Yogyakarta is not to miss a place to hang out in Yogyakarta terhits 2016.

 Here are some places to hang out in Jogja terhits 2016:

1. Legend Coffee (Jl. Abu Bakar Ali No. 24, Kotabaru)
Strategic location that is close to Malioboro and Stadium Kridosono make this cafe is always crowded. Coffee Legend is open 24 hours, so that guests can visit anytime. Starting from menu to menu western Indonesia also reside here, the price is quite cheap. Dutch architecture with a unique and elegant make visitors more comfortable to be in Legend coffee.

2. House of Raminten (Jl. FM Noto No. 7, Kotabaru)
With the concept of unique, antique and elegant House of Raminten which bring the atmosphere of the past are combined with the concept of the present. So that the atmosphere in the house of Raminten highly preferred by parents and teens.

Since the beginning of entering the cafe visitors are greeted by waitresses dressed in a tank top and underwear Javanese gamelan accompaniment. Indigenous Java is so thick to make the atmosphere seemed very beautiful. Much of the menu which was served as Cunduk Raminten, Wedang Elephant Ndekem, Ice Melancholy, Porridge Kelasworo, Chicken Koteka and many others.

3. Cinema Bakery (Jl. Urip Sumoharjo No. 111A)
The place to hang out in Yogyakarta in 2016 following terhits namely Cinema Bakery. Presenting the concept of the interior is very attractive, because visitors will feel like being in the atmosphere of the location shooting. So they'll feel like a celebrity and feel the world of entertainment for a while.

Cinema Bakery is open from 11:00 to 23:00 pm, at the glittering pastry shop is available assorted pastries, snacks, beverages, soft drinks, etc. With its unique concept, the visitor will feel at home eating a meal while chatting or just take pictures.

4. Roaster and Bear (Jl. P. Mangkubumi No 52, Djetis)
Cafe is quite new design with a blend of wood, glass and iron is very detail makes this a very cozy place to hang out. So many young people who like to hang out here though just to hang out, chat or take pictures.

With a place as good as this cuisine is quite cheap price ranges between Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 55,000. so it is suitable for the pockets of the students is minimal, many variants latte and coffee drinks are available here. So you are sure to be satisfied to spend an afternoon or enjoy your evening with a cup of coffee here.

That's the place to hang out in Yogyakarta terhits 2016 you need to try. If you have spare time vacation to Jogja and still confused where are you going, then the recommendation is most suitable for you is a great hang out in Yogyakarta terhits 2016.

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